Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sweet fancy Moses!

Oh, hey look! It's 2010! Where did the time go? I'd like to say I've been working on a huge project, like writing a manuscript, but such is not the case. Or maybe I should say something that makes me sound smarter, like, "Oh I haven't been up to much--just out campaigning for Dick Durbin and waiting for my shipment of Darwin fish bumper stickers to arrive." But that's not true either. I can't claim to be wrapped up in an intersting book. I can barely share with you one piece of interesting pop culture trivia. I don't even know who's on American Idol. One word folks: LAME.

Basically, I've been living under a rock, just trying to hide from the Chicago winter. It's not working, though. Sadly, I still have to come out to go to work. I wouldn't doubt that Chicago boasted something like 87 consecutive days of sub-freezing tempertures and 102 consecutive days of snow cover this winter. I'm so done with winter. Mother Nature, I cast the evil eye in your general direction!

OK, it's bedtime now, but stay tuned for more random rants. Nighty night!