Friday, June 29, 2007

I rock!

No, seriously--I do. Stop laughing. I mean it. Here, look:

See? That's me and my (husband's) Les Paul. I was either playing the Alphabet, the Rainbow Connection or I Used to Love Her. Who could tell, really.

OK, OK, stop the presses. Eric just woke up. This is the conversation we just had:

Eric: Are we going to school, Mommy?

Me: In a little while, Eric.

E: But first I have to eat breakfast?

M: That's right, Eric.

E: And I'm going to watch TV for a little while? And then get my dressed on? And then hurry up because we're late?

Apparently, in his eyes, our morning routine involves the element of being late. It's funny because it's true. Well, sort of. Every morning I tell him to hurry up so we're not late because he's just so damn pokey. I think it's a 3-year-old thing, honestly. But the fact that he schedules time in his morning routine to hurry up becase we're late just makes me laugh. And, also, "get my dressed on?" Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. But what do I know--I'm the parent who's teaching him to sing Why Does the Sun Shine just so that I can hear him say words like "incandescent" and "nuclear" (which, might I add, he pronounces correctly, if only because I'm a stickler for that sort of thing...E: New-cue-lar. M: Say it right, Eric, or Mommy's going to lock you in the basement again! Just kidding--I would never do that to my baby boy. Not before his fourth birthday, at least.)

Friday, June 15, 2007

I've fallen (behind) and I can't get up.

First off: shall ye never know the amount of work that goes into working full time out of the home and raising two children, one of whom is an infant. Secondly: if you are familiar with such atrocities, let's commiserate.

Moving right along, it's Friday night, my kids are sleeping, my husband is sleeping and I, too, should be sleeping (after all, it's after 10:00 p.m.). Instead, I am blogging. Because it's been so damn long, you know. And also, I am drinking. Budweiser. Yum. Or something like that. I might even go so far as to say that I'm eversoslightly buzzed. So, this blog entry--this one right here--shall be ever so very random. Welcome! And, also, enjoy!


And also, Eric (on his 3rd Birthday)! (Oh, and me too.)

Let's see...what else... Oh--did you know that the sun is a mass of incandescent gas? Hmm...probably. In other intesting news, my parents will be babysitting my children overnight tomorrow night! Date night! We might even stay out past nine! Crazy!

Recently, it has occurred to me that I'm becoming quite lame. I remember being younger, and thinking that old people "just didn't get it" and that I would never become like that. But, sadly, I'm already starting to "just not get it" and I'm not even in my 30's yet. For instance, this shaggy hair that the teenage boys are so fond of--what is the deal with it? Maybe 5% of the boys sporting this do are able to pull it off. It's the cool, hip haircut, and I just don't see why any 13-to-18 year old boy would willingly--purposely, even--make himself look so atrocious.

And also, I am increasingly finding myself resisting new electronic devices, and this simply must stop. On the one hand, I do not require a blackberry, and have been getting along just fine without one. On the other hand, I picture every middle-aged woman I know and her reluctance to learn how to use anything remotely electronic. I've always had a knack for that kind of stuff, and I don't want to wake up one day and realize that my technological skills have not advanced since 1998 (oh wait--that happened this morning...).

Crap. I have the hiccups. And, sadly, it's way past my bedtime. But, it's been fun. Thanks for the memories.