Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Woman at the Rock Show

A couple nights ago, Chris and I went to the Weezer/Foo Fighters concert (which was awesome, by the way). It felt like we were the oldest people there (well, except, of course, for the band members themselves). Luckily for me, Chris is five years older, so I knew that I, personally, was not the oldest person in the crowd. The guys sitting behind us were *maybe* 16 and kept talking about "the Weeze" like they were old friends of the band. These boys were in diapers when Weezer's Blue Album came out. That alone nearly put me over the edge.

When I think of Weezer, and the Blue Album in particular, I am taken back to a much simpler time in my life. A time when I was in HS and my greatest care in the world was whether or not the boy I had a huge crush on knew that I existed. My friends and I called this boy (who was a big Weezer fan, hence the connection) "Hank." I can't even remember his real name, but due to my friend Erica's tendancy to loudly and accidentally talk about my crushes within earshot of them, he was ONLY to be referred to as "Hank." Obviously, judging by the fact that I can no longer remember his real name, I did not ever end up dating this chap. But, I still admire the way he got a black eye from crowd surfing at the Weezer concert. That's real devotion. Devotion that the boys sitting behind me thought they had, but didn't, judging by the fact that they were sitting in the last aisle in the arena, rather than crowd surfing down on the floor.

Anyway, after a while, I realized that Chris and I were far from the oldest people there. In fact, the more I looked around, the more old people I saw. Most of them were chaperoning their children, whose diapers they were changing as Weezer was suggesting that they looked *just like* Buddy Holly and/or Mary Tyler Moore. Hmmm...I wonder if Hank was there?

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