Thursday, February 16, 2006

100 Things about no particular order

81. When I was in High School, I was a member of the German Club, despite the fact that I have never in my life studied the German language.

5. I plan to learn to play the piano someday.

26. I also plan to learn to tap dance someday.

31. I hate anything peach or mango flavored. Peach scented doesn't bother me, though.

12. I was an intern at a radio station after I graduated from college. On my first day, Jewel came into the studio and I got her autograph. On my third day, John Meyer came in and nobody gave a damn.

30. I studied Improv at Second City.

34. I took figure skating lessons from the age of 3 to the age of 11. To this day, I still have massive quadriceps and calf muscles, which I attribute to my skating years.

41. I do not see any connection between figure skating and downhill skiing, despite the insistence that if I can skate, I can ski.

68. I prefer Coke to Pepsi, but Pepsi's relatives (Mt. Dew, Wild Cherry Pepsi) to Coke's relatives.

52. I would like to run a marathon someday, but I'm DEATHLY afraid of any sort of repercussions that my toenails could suffer. I might have to cut back to a half-marathon for that reason alone.

51. My toes line up like perfect soldiers.

58. My toilet is running and I just went to catch it.

4. The pants I'm wearing right now cost me $1.97 at Old Navy.

40. I'm more bad with money than I am good. But, I'm working very hard on getting better.

10. I desperately long for a magenta Razr phone.

59. There was a time, a few years back, when I could always be found wearing something red. My friends lovingly referred to me as the Devil.

77. Sometimes (more often than I care to admit) I mistype my married name as "Saeton."

13. Pink. It's my new red.

92. I miss my maiden name.

54. My family calls me "Krist."

56. I am wholely addicted to shopping at Target.

24. One of Eric's first words was "Target."

46. I like to play golf. I took to it very naturally and believe I could play very well if I practiced more often.

82. I majored in General Engineering for 3 semesters at the University of Illinois. My sole purpose in choosing General Engineering as a major was that it had the highest admission standards of any major in the entire university.

7. I subsequently changed my major to Spanish, but planned to transfer into the College of Business once I had taken the classes required for that transfer. One of those required classes was a Speech Communication class. It piqued my interested so much that I became a SpCom major instead.

61. Sometimes I wish I had majored in Theatre.

91. I met my husband at work. The first time we met, we were working at the Field Museum and I was lost.

17. I do not get lost often; I have a keen sense of direction.

1. I'm pretty sure that I think I am funnier than other people think I am.

70. In college I was the local committee president of an organization called AIESEC, which facilitates work abroad.

94. I have never worked abroad myself.

84. I have barely even travelled outside of the US.

72. I wish that weren't the case, and I plan to change that when I have the time/money.

20. I can't shake the feeling that at some point in my life I will have a job that involves some type of stage performance.

15. I enjoy karaoke. (This is not the kind of "performing" I necessarily have in mind, though.)

83. I have been learning to play the guitar for a little over 5 years now, and I'm still not that great.

47. I have two acoustic guitars. One is a Takamine G230 named Romeo. This was my first guitar. The other is a black Ibanez acoustic-electric guitar that I haven't named. It's beautiful, but really hard to play. Also, Chris has 5 electric guitars, Eric has a mini-guitar, we all have a collective acoustic guitar that my dad gave us and we have a banjo that has barely been touched. I think we're covered as far as strings go.

43. I have one brother, and we don't really get along that well, but it's getting a little better as we get older.

22. I keep trying to be less addicted to drinking pop and I keep failing.

16. I love David Sedaris. My favorite book of his is Me Talk Pretty One Day.

93. My early childhood nickname was "Spud the Amazing Potato Baby."

71. I prefer Letterman to Leno.

69. The only time I ever asked a guy out was in HS. This guy lived really far away and I asked him to Homecoming. He said no. I vowed never to ask another guy out for as long as I live. So far I haven't.

97. A year later, that guy sent me a letter saying how stupid he had been to turn me down, and how much he regretted his decision. I wrote back saying he should come visit...and meet my boyfriend.

6. I never dated until I went to college because, presumably, boys find me scary.

76. I sleep with a stuffed Garfield that is close to twenty years old.

50. Chris usually goes to bed before me. Sometimes I find him cuddled up with my cat. I then proceed to yank the cat away in some fashion that will surely disrupt his precious slumber. That's what he gets for messing with the G'field.

80. Despite the fact that I was born at the ass-end of 1979, I still think people who were born in 1980 or later are SO MUCH younger than me.

87. I make a mean chicken parmesan.

38. I don't really cook that often, but it's not because I'm a bad cook.

32. I hate washing dishes.

39. I don't mind vacuuming, but currently my baby is deathly afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

64. My current pop addiction is A&W Sparkling Vanilla Cream Soda.

74. I'm growing my hair out right now so that I can donate 10" to Locks of Love.

19. I CAN'T WAIT to cut my hair short!!!!

67. I like the smell of freshly cut grass.

29. I like living where I live, but I still miss living in Lincoln Park.

8. I have a few superstitions.

88. I've never gone to a psychic, but I think it would be fun.

33. I love my Senseo coffee maker. The thing that I perhaps love best about it is that I got it free through their "Drop the Drip" promotion.

75. I love thin crust pizza.

78. I love Diesel shoes.

11. I used a random number generator to make this list.

45. I secretly hope it kind of annoys you that the numbers are out of order.

96. I don't watch much TV.

25. I do watch Grey's Anatomy and am in love with Dr. McDreamy.

27. George is probably more my type, though.

42. I can't believe I haven't come up with 100 things yet. This is much harder than it looks.

63. I have one son. He's 21 months old. I currently have absolutely no desire to have more children or ever be pregnant again.

48. Labor was WORLDS more painful than delivery.

55. I had an epidural, which was neither scary nor painful. It was simply heavenly. I give epidurals a glowing recommendation.

60. I can't stand the texture of almost all types of fruit.

9. I enjoy the flavor of most fruit juices.

21. I have glasses with non-prescription lenses (i.e., non-tinted sunglasses) that I wear sometimes because I wish I wore real glasses.

57. I think the right glasses can make a person infinitely more sexy.

18. People have explained to me that poor vision is not a cause for celebration, and I fully understand that.

98. I hate the winter, or any type of weather that calls for the use of a coat.

99. I would not consider moving out of Chicago based on weather alone.

90. Was the speed at which I was clocked when I got my one and only speeding ticket. I don't usually drive 90, or anywhere near that fast, but I was passing a car whose liberal interpretation of lane usage was making me very nervous.

79. Was a good year.

37. I will never, ever, ever live in Florida.

23. I would rather not even visit Florida, but I have too many relatives that live there.

14. I would like to lose 30 pounds (to be back at pre-Eric weight).

2. Is the number of piercings I have. One in the right ear and one in the left.

95. I don't plan to ever be tattooed.

44. Chris and I tend to name our possessions. His car is Eddie and my car is Sancho. My guitar is Romeo. His guitars have names too, but they aren't coming to me right now. Heck...even our guitar tuner has a name--Charlie. Charlie Tuner. Get it?

73. I'm the queen of bad puns.

35. Doctors terrify me. Except the sweetie pie with the 2' long epidural needle.

53. I don't own any diamonds.

65. I should like to own one some day. Maybe something like this, or better yet, this.

62. I really like mother of pearl and abalone.

3. I have a permanent retainer behind my bottom teeth.

49. One of my thumbs seems to be double jointed.

85. I have never broken a bone.

66. One of Eric's favorite phrases is "COME ON!" Want to know why? This, apparently, is what I say to other drivers who decide to drive to slowly in front of me.

28. I'm a TOTAL geek.

89. I have dated one confirmed and two highly suspected gay guys. (Apparently I'm not as scary to the gay guys.)

86. In college I worked at Target for two days (training days) and then quit by not showing up ever again. Oops.

36. Is a square number and is also divisible by 3, which makes me happy because I like The Math.


Anonymous said...

Holy moly! There are a lot of things about you. I don't think there even exist 100 things about me. Halfway through your list I realized how hard it must be for Santa Claus to think of a different present for every child in the world. Then I realized he doesn't have to, because he has an assembly line manned by slaves. At one point I started thinking about how hard it must be for God to design millions of individual little snowflakes without any repeats. But then I immediately realized that it is easy if you are omnipotent.

Overall, it would be hard to be Santa. It seems slightly less hard to be Kristi. Easiest would be God.

Natalie said...

Ok, I have come to the conclusion that you are a cuter, fitter, OTHER personality of mine that has slightly meshed with my original personality, Natalie.

The only thing i can't figure out is where i am finding the cute pictures of "Kristi" and "her husband" and "her child" to post on this blog.

The weirdest things about me, Natalie, the Alpha personality, are also the wierd things about you, "Kristi" the beta personality...

Plus we used the same blog background. that alone makes the Twilight Zone music start to play.

one of your many friends said...

i am so impressed but not surprised that you thought of 99 things about yourself and that i knew most of them. one more thing: hooray for Grey's Anatomy, my fave show as well! since you now have season one, we must have a girls' night/ Grey's Anatomy marathon sometime.