Friday, February 24, 2006

Smokin' in the boys room

Every parent with a newly speaking child can probably attest to the fact that sometimes it's just really hard to understand what they're saying. In fact, sometimes, even if he's said something 100 times, and I've understood it all 100 times, I might not understand it on the 101st time just because I'm only half paying attention to him (sorry, buddy).

Today, we were playing in the living room and I was laying on the floor next to him. All of a sudden, he starts pushing me frantically, saying something that I swear sounded like, "Marlboro light! Marlboro light!! MARLBORO LIGHT!!!" So, I'm thinking DCFS is going to show up at any second to ask Eric what I've been feeding him, and Eric's going to be all*, "Marlboro light! Coffee!" Just effin great.

But, just then, the lightbulb goes off in my head and I realize what he wants. He want me to roll over on my stomach so that he can climb on my back and go for a Mommy-back ride.

* This is an expression that I never use in real life, except to be ironic. But apparently I feel it makes for good blogging. "And I was all, 'I oughta kick yo' ass,' and then she was all, 'You don't wanna mess with me--I'm bad before breakfast.'" I think that's more of a West Coast thing. In the Midwest we say "like" instead of "all," which is clearly much more grammatically correct.

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