Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Anxiously awaiting the vernal equinox...and karaoke night.

My husband pointed out to me the other day that my posts of late have been shall I put it...negative. He suggested that I might need a vacation. I think he might be right, but unfortunately I don't see that happening anytime soon. Oh well.

I think my recent bout of negativity is directly related to two* things. First of all, it's winter, and I hate winter. It's cold and dreary and blegh (to be said with as much emphasis as you can muster, so that it sounds like a cat dry heaving). The closer it gets to spring, the more I feel like it will never ever arrive and the grouchier I get. [Imagine Alvin the Chipmunk voice] I can hardly stand the wait, please springtime don't be late!

So, that's reason number one. Reason number two I believe correlates directly to the fact that I have not gone to karaoke the past two weeks. In fact, I have not done much of anything in the past two weeks. But that's all changing tomorrow, when I make my triumphant**, long-anticipated*** return to the mic. Plus, even better--or equally good, depending on your stance--is that before hand, Nora, Sue and I (and possible other karaoke/food lovers??) will be eating at Maggiano's. Don't be surprised if I eat tiramisu for dinner, and then again for dessert. And then I shall be happy as a clam--and a very happy clam, at that.


*or more
**or not
***by me alone


Heidi said...

Yes, I noticed the negativity in a few of your more recent posts as well. Good to hear that it will probably be over soon - either because you're finally getting your sing on, or because eventually Spring WILL arrive ... at least that's what I tell myself. If you'll notice, some of my recent posts have also shown more than a little bit of life-sucks-ness. But hey, it can't suck forever, right? RIGHT??

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the footnotes in this post. I think they have just the right amount of substance to keep you titillated, but not so much that your brain gets overloaded.

Dr. Vortex said...

Negative recently? Try it for a year. Someone recently pointed that out to me about mine and since my last audit, it seems that I have had a shitty year and a half. I will make an effort to reverse my outlook sometime soon.
In other news, your correctness about tiramisu and tiramisu products could not be more correct. I will see you there.