Friday, March 17, 2006


OK...just an itty bitty little rant about the karaoke place that I made us go to last night (because it would allow me to kill two birds with one stone). The only thing this place has going for it is a quasi-convenient location. It is located next to Jessica's restaurant, which allows us to eat yummy food for really cheap, and then Jess can come over when she's done closing.

But, seriously, we've given this place several chances now and, if anything, it's only getting worse. They have a relatively new karaoke DJ and, I must say, this guy is the Mayor of Shittytown. He seems to be developing a few loyal subjects--let's call them Shitheads. Seriously, this guy. just. sucks. We got there before he even started, and he barely even called us all up to sing--and there weren't that many people at the bar!!?! Poor Jessica only got to sing because she went up, like 16 times and asked the guy if she was going to get to sing yet. I'm telling you--this guy is doing part karaoke, part teen dance party. Every karaoke song he plays is followed by some crappy song in its entirety. Meanwhile, this guy is meandering around the bar, copping a feel on the scantily-clad skanks he can get his hands on.

To give a comparison--this week we showed up at the very beginning of the night, with 3 hours of karaoke to come. 2 of us got to sing pretty early. Another one got called up as he was walking out the door, like two hours later. The fourth one was called shortly thereafter, but she had just left. The fifth one sang the very last song of the night. Last week, we went somewhere else. We showed up about 45 minutes after karaoke had started. We all got to sing twice--AND THERE WERE MORE PEOPLE THERE.

Well...I think I know where we are going next time.

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