Tuesday, March 14, 2006


The office manager caught me last night in a moment of extreme had-it-up-to-here-ness. I had just finished my undesirable typing work from Alice and was about to leave, when she asked a dreaded question related to the project I'm supposed to be helping with. The project involves sending a couple hundred boxes of files to an offsite storage facility. Being that the company employs a file clerk, it would seem that his primary duty would be to work WITH FILES. He seems to think otherwise, although he's really tricky about it. He kisses all the right asses to get away with doing very little and not get caught.

Anyway, I'm supposed to help the file clerk get the boxes organized and ready to go. "Help" being the operative word, I thought. Except, he seems to think that I'm supposed to do it all. Or, rather, he keeps saying that he's going to work on it, yet, mysteriously, nothing is getting done. He's also coming up with some of the best excuses in the land as to why he's not working on it. But, nearly every day when I come in, he wants to come up to me and talk about how much I worked on the files the night before. Here's the deal, though--I was hired to work 3 hours a day (though I usually work more). Most days, at least 2.5 of those hours are filled with work for attorneys, which is my primary job function. Then I have about a half hour of undesirable typing work. So, there's three hours (usually more) right there. At most, I have maybe a half hour a day to work on these boxes. At this rate, it will be 2007 before the boxes get out the door, if things continue as they are.

So, when the office manager asked how the file project was going, I unloaded on her. I've been REALLY busy with work from the attorneys. I'm spending a lot of time daily doing work from Alice. We've got a file clerk who does nothing but sit on the computer all day long. Also, I let her in on the reasons said file clerk has been giving me regarding why he hasn't worked on boxes, including the one about how he can't bend over because HE HAS RINGING IN HIS EARS. Come on. She was pretty surprised to hear all this, and said she was going to take care of these things. Consider the buck passed back.

PS I know it sounds like I hate my coworkers and/or job, but that is really not the case. Most of my coworkers are great and, for the most part, I really enjoy my job. It's just that recently, I've been dealing with the two biggest slackers in the company. It's maddening.

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elisa said...

you just reminded me of how much i hated working for lawyers. i didn't realize that's what you do, but UGH! i feel for you, girl!!!

Way to go on passing that buck!