Wednesday, May 17, 2006


(Because I don't think president bashing becomes me.)

Yesterday, Eric and I were getting in the car to go to his music class. Usually, when we go for rides in the car, Eric gets his "guys," which are his pacifier, stuffed monkey and "DC," which is this ratty bib that Eric loves. So, we were getting in the car, and Eric immediately got excited about something, threw the guys on the floor and started chanting, "MUSIC! MUUUUUUUSIC!" and pointing at...what? I thought maybe he was just excited about going to his class. He kept saying it, so I put the radio on, thinking that would make him happy, but it didn't. We went to his class, and when we were on our way back--the same thing. As soon as I opened the car door, his face lit up and he started yelling "MUSIC" again. Except this time, he was able to grab the object of his desires: the umbrella. And he sang into the umbrella the whole way home.

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greenfish said...

HAHAHA. He totally wants to do karaoke with you. How cute!!