Friday, May 05, 2006

Big News.

No, I'm not pregnant. Are you people crazy?!? Anyway. Yesterday I accepted an offer to trade in my part-time evening job for a full-time day job.

I was actually offered the position a while back and had about a month to decide. And I spent the entire month agonizing and waffling. Obviously, I ultimately decided to take the job. But I haven't really told anybody yet (except you, Internets). Only my husband and my mom knew up until now. I think it's because I still feel nervous about it. I have moments where I'm happy and excited and other moments where I turn into an absolute mess thinking that I'm forsaking my baby. (*sniff)

I think in the end everybody will be ok, though. This will actually be my first time being a salaried full-time employee with benefits. That's kind of exciting. And it will be nice to up the cash flow a little bit. Two words: Shopping. Spree. I can't wait. SHOES! HERE I COME! Anyway, um, that's a ways off...

So, yeah, I'll be starting full time in June--on the 12th I believe. Wish me luck or something...

And, also, now that I'm done brooding and being contemplative, it's back to my regularly scheduled blogging. I'm sure that's a weight off everybody's mind. ;)


Elisa said...

Well, congrats on NOT being pregnant, lol. And i am dying of curiosity about what this new job is.

Congrats on that too!

Anonymous said...

Where's Eric going to stay while you're working? Have you lined up the day care, or will he stay with a relative?

Also: CONGRATULATIONS! Real money!!

Heidi said...

Yay! Welcome to the world of the working stiffs!

MMMMMoney money money money money ... is goooood.