Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Gap doesn't appreciate my curviness

This morning I took Eric for a test run at daycare. He was there for half a day, and he did wonderfully. According to his teacher, he didn't even notice I was gone. Part of me is happy that he did so well, and another part of me is like, excuse me? Didn't notice that I, HIS MOTHER WHO HAS CARED FOR HIM EVERYDAY OF HIS ENTIRE LIFE (minus two or three days), was gone?!?! But anyway, he did fine. Hopefully tomorrow goes as well.

While he was at school, I went and got my hair cut. It looks pretty much like it did before I got it cut, only slightly shorter and, well, freshly cut. Then I decided to pop into the Gap for a quick look around. I grabbed a couple things to try on, but they just did not work out for me. The Gap is now marketing some of their women's jeans as "Curvy." I've been meaning to try a pair of Curvy jeans on for months and months now because, hey, I'm curvy! How ideal! Except. The Gap and I have different ideas of curvy. The difference is that my idea of being curvy involves having hips, while the Gap's does not. Apparently, to the Gap, curvy woman=woman shaped like 13 year old boy with very large ass. I also grabbed a pair of khaki pants to try on without realizing that they were "boy cut." I know I'm not boy-shaped, so I tend to steer clear of "boy cut" things. Anyway, my point is this: the boy cut khakis and the curvy jeans fit me the exact same way. How can that be? Anyway, I did not have time to fully explore the Gap merchandise and perhaps find something more fitting (no pun intended). Maybe I'll try again tomorrow, when I have more time. I've almost always had awesome luck finding cute stuff on deep discount (a winning combination).

I noticed something else at the Gap that made me smile. I guess they recently changed the names of their jeans across the board because they now have men's jeans called "Straight Fit." You know--as opposed to "Gay Fit" which are tighter, far more fashionable and, incidentally, only available in a 28-inch waist.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this whole concept of "curvy" jeans are a crock. There is nothing for the woman who carries two-thirds of her weight inbetween her crotch and her knees.

I need to come out with my own clothing line - for real women who aren't shaped like telephone poles!!

Kristi said...

I can't believe you said "crotch" on my blog. Dammit, Nora, this is a family show.

Anonymous said...

I laugh at you all as I sit here wearing my boy-cut khakis!

Ahem! And your Gap forecast is..... Going into fall the company will change the lay-out of the product and reduce the number of styles available in the store to provide a more focused shopping experience for customers. The 3 cuts of women's bottoms, original, curvy, and staight/boy-cut, will remain but there will be less wahes and styles so that it's not so daunting to find the perfect jean.

The curvy pant is designed for the traditional hour glass figure. The curvy woman will have a much smaller waist in proportion to her hips. This fit is recommended for women who often end up with a gap and extra material at the back of the waistband. The straight or boy cut fit is recommended for women who do not have a high hip to waist ratio; there is not much difference between their hip and waist measurements. The original fit is the standard women's fit gap has always had. The fits are not based on weight or height but on general body shapes.

la F

Kristi said...

I see, I see. Thanks for the run-down. Now, can we cut to the chase: will the Modern Fit pant still be available??? I can't seem to find it anymore, which perhaps answers my question...