Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'll tell you what...

There are a lot of nutsos in the world, do you know that? It seems like basically every charge of discrimination that is filed against one of our clients is done so by someone who thinks that the whole world is against them. And they are all-consumed by the idea that they have something to prove. We've got a guy who leaves crazy 10 minute voicemails about the family curse that dates back to the early 20th century which caused his employer to discriminate against him by letting flying bugs into the building, among MANY other equally crazy things. We've got the client who claims she was discriminated against based on her disability, but doesn't want to release any records documenting her disability. We had a college student who was kicked out of school for various reasons (according to her, out of an act of discrimination), and sent correspondence offering her professor sexual favors in order to be let back into class. Just a bunch of crazies.

Anyway, one of our brilliant hot-shot attorneys (who may or may not have paid me call him that and who also may or may not comment anonymously on this blog), just had a multi-count charge of discrimination thrown out entirely (because, like most of our charges of discrimination, I'm sure it was mostly unfounded). And I happen to have a funny story about this lady to add credibility to my blanket statement that these discrimination-charge-filers are indeed crazy.

When I used to work here in the evening, part of my job was to answer the phone after 5. This particular person, who had filed a claim against our client, called one evening and didn't identify herself. Because I've dealt with her before though, I knew who it was. Here was the conversation we had:

Crazy Lady: Hi. I'm tyring to send an 8-page letter to your firm. How much postage do I need?
Me: Well, unfortunately, I'm not sure. If you're worried that it'll be more than a standard letter, you could either take it to the post office or just put several stamps on it to be sure you're covered.
CL: You don't know? I thought you guys were supposed to know how much it costs to mail stuff to your own office.
Me: (unsure how to proceed)
CL: Well, then, I'll just have to take it to the post office myself.
Me: OK, sorry about that.

Then...5 or so minutes pass and she calls back.

CL: Hi, this is Crazy Lady, may I please speak to Attorney X?
Me: I'm sorry, Attorney X isn't in the office right now, whould you like to leave a message?
CL: Can you tell him that I called and that I won't be mailing his response out until tomorrow. I put it down in the mail room first thing this morning and got it stamped and ready to go, but nobody took it to the post office for me. I imagine I won't be able to get to a mailbox myself until tomorrow sometime. So, you just let him know that I'll be sending at 8 page letter to him, but not until tomorrow. Thanks. Bye bye.

It was like we never had the conversation 5 minutes earlier in which she needed postage advice. They're crazy. They're all crazy, I tell ya.


Anonymous said...

Most victims of discrimination probably feel hurt dramatically in their employment or student relationships, even if the injury was inflicted unknowingly on the part of the employer/school. The employment or student relationship figures prominently in one's life, and problems arising out of it can make you act crazy. For instance, that brilliant hot-shot attorney you were talking about probably would feel hurt if he was fired. On a related note, I think everyone would like to hear a little more about the hot shot attorney. I bet he's probably vain and wants to hear about himself constantly. One more question--and I'm not sure you can follow this one due to the legal-ese--would you say the hot-shot is more like "William Shatner," "James Spader," or "Candace Bergen"?

Anonymous said...

Candace Bergen

Kristi said...

I was thinking Candace Bergen too...only with better hair.

Anonymous said...

Does your "better hair" caveat apply to Candace Bergen or the Hot Shot Attorney--(i.e., who has the better hair?)