Thursday, June 15, 2006

Working hard or...

So, the tech guy was here this morning. I had to ask him 1,000,072 questions because I had a new computer this morning when I came in. Well, new to me, at least. I think they just ordered enough new computers to be able to retire the oldest computers in the fleet. Instead of getting a brand-spanking-new machine, I just got somebody's old machine, which was better than the old machine that I was using. Anyway, along with the computer, I inherited some of the old owner's settings and documents, which could potentially be bad because the former owner was the office administrator, who had access to all personnel records, ect. At one point, I was joking with the tech guy that someone was going to track my movements and find out that not only was I looking at coworkers' private information, but also, due to an assignement that I'm working on for one of the attorneys, I've been on all sorts of terrorist websites. Uh-huh. That looks good. So, tech guys says, "Oh, look through your internet history? Yeah, I mean, it stays on your computer for however many days, but nobody here is ever going to bother to look at that." Really??? Wit Spot, here I come!


elisa said...

Nothing like a job where u can make good use of their high speed internet access AND get a paycheck every few weeks.

I used to have it like that. . .

You ARE witty!

GreenFish said...

Mrs K, where are you? Do you not love us? Are you ignoring us?

(Also: Klepto, don't even SAY IT. You know what I mean.)*

*regular people of the world, please ignore the previous sentence.