Saturday, August 02, 2008

One of my myriad pet peeves

Yesterday I went to lunch with my mom. She asked me if I would mind going up to the counter and ordering the food for us. When I paid, the cashier handed me my change with the coins resting precariously on top of the dollars. Have I ever mentioned how much that drives me mad? Because, usually I'm still holding my wallet with one hand, so then I have to try to finagle the coins off the top of the money with one hand, which is awkward and usually results in coins falling to the floor and rolling to unreachable and/or nasty places. As I was explaining to my mom how this is one of my pet peeves, she said that I'm probably the type of person who also gets angry at other drivers, and then added in mock-earnestness that she's glad she can always maintain her calm, cool demeanor in even the most annoying of circumstances. At that moment, her pants burst into flames from all the lies, lies, lies. In many ways, my mom and I are exactly alike. One of those ways is our inability to tolerate incompetence.

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Heidi said...

Did I ever tell you that I was once complimented on the way I handed back change? Coins first, right into the palm, then the bills, sideways, for the customer to grab at their leisure.

In a perfect world everyone would be like me. ;)