Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A complex system of lights and mirrors

allows me to see into the houses of my neighbors on either side and across the street. I don't consider it spying so much as still trying to squeeze the last bit of value out of the three semesters that I spent as a student in the School of Engineering. Seeing how the rest of the world lives is just so darn interesting. I love taking walks at night so that I can glance into peoples' open windows or through their open doors and just see what they're doing in there, how they've decorated, how messy their house is, etc. They're usually not doing anything all that exciting, but yet it still somehow fascinates me. I love when I can actually overhear bits and pieces of their conversation. It's kind of humbling to be reminded every once in a while that in the world that other people have created for themselves, I'm nothing more than a person passing by their house who was probably not even noticed. And you know what, for those few minutes it's so peaceful to be insignificant--it really is. As for the complex system of lights and mirrors, I suppose I really do have one (but I can't really vouch for its complexity)--it's in my bathroom and it allows me to examine my face magnified times ten. That, too, is humbling.


Amber said...

I'm a decorative spy too! I love looking at how people have decorated, through their windows. HEHE LOL
You have a nice way of putting things. I like reading your blog! Hugs,

K said...

Awesome Blog Kristi! And, I love to walk and stare as well. I can't keep my mind from imagining...what are they doing?

You wanna see a messy house and peek into my world? Come to my blog! LOL!