Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My bathroom is a Wonder Spot

One of the many, many joys of motherhood is that you never have to go to the bathroom alone. It's fantastic if you enjoy the idea of always having your own private audience (I'm not so into the audience thing, but it's better than listening to him scream his lungs out from the other room). A bathroom is a room that can provide endless amusement to a baby--that is unless you want him to be amused for a minute while you do your business--then he just wants to hang on you and whine. But I digress. If you're a curious toddler, you know that bathrooms have flushy things and rolls of soft paper that can go for miles and happy looking ducks and, probably the most exciting thing, a magical pot of water that you just know would be so much fun to play in if mommy would just slip once and leave that darn finger smasher up. What a wonderful place to play--*almost* as much fun as crawling on the floor under the table at a restaurant!

Today I head for the bathroom and leave the door ajar so that my little friend on all fours can join me at his leisure. After a few seconds, I hear giggles and see a red ball come bouncing into the bathroom followed by its friend Eric. The ball rolls over near my feet then proceeds to roll into a decreasingly smaller perfect spiral, for way longer than a ball should roll on its own. It was so odd, almost like it was possessed or something. I couldn't help but think of this place in Wisconsin Dells called the Wonder Spot. It's this gimicky place where all sorts of weird things happen, like your hair stands on end when you pass through a doorway and things roll uphill and water goes backwards down the drain. It's one of those places that a kid would REALLY want to go to, then realize after being there for 3 minutes that it really sucked. Kind of like what happens when I take Eric in the bathroom with me.

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