Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Further Updates

Absolutely nothing is wrong with Eric. Well, except that he's 21 months and prone to irritating toddler behavior. And that he has a little bit of fluid behind his ear from a cold that he had--but the ear is not infected. The doctor that we saw today we've also seen on one other occasion, but he's not Eric's normal doctor. This guy takes a "the body will heal itself" approach to medicine. On one hand, I can appreciate that because I pretty much take that approach myself. On the other hand, if I reach the point where I feel the need to consult a doctor, I don't want that doctor to act like I'm overreacting to my baby's mysterious symptoms. He gave me a perscription in case anything gets worse, but basically said that Eric looks just fine.

In other news, Chris is experiencing chest pains, but won't see a doctor. He insists it's not a heart attack (even though he says it feels like one) because it's been going on for a few days now and has yet to kill him (clear proof). He thinks it's just anxiety attacks. Oh, is that all? You're right. No need to be seen--I mean, if it only feels like a heart attack... Good thing it's not and that you are fine.

I'm not the only one who thinks he's crazy. Apparently he told his boss that he might need to take off early tomorrow to go to the doctor, because of said chest pains. His boss said something like, "Uh, dude? Go today." I don't think it was an act of compassion. I think it was an act of "you're no good to us dead." But still. Go to the Doctor. You're no good to me dead, either.

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Heidi said...

Yes, tell Mr. Seaton that Heidi says go to the doctor.


p.s. My word verification word is senoszz. It reminds me of a sound you make when you're sick. And Snausages.