Wednesday, February 22, 2006

If he grows up to hate us, it might be warranted.

Eric has one of those winter coats that has a detachable hood. Because the hood is so bulky and makes it difficult to buckle him into the car seat properly, I have removed the hood from the coat in favor of a hat. The hood is still laying around the house though. Eric found it the other day and became intrigued with it.

Now, keep in mind that this boy is obsessed with head coverings. When we go to Target, we have usual rounds that we have to make. The mere act of walking in the door causes Eric to shout, "BasketballFootballBike!" So, at some point during the trip, we must look at the balls and bikes. Of course we can't go near the bikes without seeing the bike helmets. And we can't see the bike helmets without needing to try them on. Also, we can't go in the football aisle without also seeing all the baseball stuff. And, if we see the baseball stuff, it would be a shame not to try on the pink batting helmet (I'm serious--they have pink ones and blue ones, and he MUST try on the pink one). So, this kid understands the concept of helmets. He knows that you need a helmet for football, baseball and riding bikes and motorcycles.

Here's the part that might cause him to hate us at some point. When he found his hood the other day, he showed it to me and I said, "Eric, you found your helmet!" And he really took it to heart.

What do you mean you don't need a helmet for soccer?


Dr. Vortex said...

You know it's pretty unfair that you have an adorable little idiot to write aboot all the time. His goings-on are semi-instant blog entries of comedy gold. Keep up the good work. BTW, you should consider printing these entries and having them bound for an extra-special 18th birthday present for Eric. :)

Kristi said...

Yes Dr. vortex, it's true--a silly child does give one plenty to talk about. Hmmm. I've noticed that you've been a bit remiss in your blog writing lately. Perhaps you should consider spawning. Not only so that you have something to write about, but also so that little Eric has a friend. You wouldn't want Eric to grow up with no friends, would you?!? IT WILL BE ALL YOUR FAULT IF HE GROWS UP WITH SOCIAL PROBLEMS. Muahahahaha.

Well, perhaps greenfish will come through in the clutch, even though she's all "We plan to start trying in 2068," or some such nonsense. (just kiddin' fishy)

greenfish said...

Yeah, whatever, 2068. I told you all what's going on. I'll have a little uber-fishy running around (or rolling, as the case may be) within the next year-and-a-half, so BLAH.

First, I have to learn to take responsibility for myself: then, others. I've been trying to teach Wes to subsist on his own, but apparently, all he does is burn pizza and play DOA4 for hours.... hmm.