Monday, February 13, 2006

Wherein I give credit where credit is due

Dear Anonymous Commenters (aka "Peanut Gallery"):

A quarterly review shows that my readership is up no less than 3%. I can only attribute this to you, the Peanut Gallery, based your comments which are nothing short of mindnumbingly hilarious. If you can keep up the good work for the rest of the fiscal year, you might just find a little something special in your stockings this Christmas (think: Fecalgram™ )!


P.S. I should like to label my three main anonymous commenters as follows: one shall simply be known as "AC," which is short for "Anonymous Commenter"...or is it? Another shall be called "AC Slater," based on his status as the Mario Lopez Fan Club President. The third, who generally identifies himself anyway, I shall call "The Phantom of the Fopera," because he's here, inside my mind. Or something like that.

P.P.S. Thanks to everyone who actually reads my blog, anonymous commenters and otherwise, I do so appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Mario Lopez (Fan Club President) talking here. I wish I could put the words "Fan Club President" in finer print, so uncareful readers would think I was the godlike AC Slater himself. But alas, I am not the man, I merely stalk him. I've consulted with Mario Lopez (The Man) about this posting, and he indicated that he is very "pumped" that the author of such an outstanding blog gave props to His Fan Club Prez; he told me to give his props right back to the greatest comic since Screech! That's you, Kristus!

Anonymous said...

AC here,

Wow, I am like sooo honored to be recognized. I feel that I am among some of the greatest blog commenters of our time, AC Slater and the Phantom of the Fopera-----you both are truly fabulous and I would not mind in the least bit if I ever tied with you both for a People's Choice Award.

I hope everyone joins me in raising a tasty martini to the one who has brought us all together---Kristus!!!!