Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bite Me

This week deserves a Bite Me post because, you know, it's just been one of those weeks.

To The Baby Eric, who has suddenly decided that if the sun is up, he should be to...Bite Me (here...let me stick my finger in your mouth)

To life, for sucking sometimes...Bite Me

To random fevers and runny noses and coughs and other isolated maladies that show up with no other symptoms...Bite Me

To Chris and I, for being stupid enough to buy two cars in the same month (of different years), causing all of their annual fees to be due at the same time...Bite Me (chomp. ow.)

To the neverending construction on the Kennedy/Northwest Tollway...Bite Me

To the newscaster who announced gleefully the other day, "Well, we're coming upon Spring and, therefore, construction season!" and then went on to detail all the new construction projects that would be starting soon...Bite Me

To the lady who stands outside the door of the Starbucks that I go to when I get my weekly Starbucks treat, selling Streetwise, talking loudly on her cell phone and standing so close to the door that it's hard to go in without tripping on her...Bite Me (because I'm only a couple Starbucks away from being right there with her)

To the offsite storage file project at work...Bite Me

To the IRS and their stupid taxes...Bite Me

OK, that's enough biting for now. But I reserve the right to add more if I so desire. Feel free to add some of your own...

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Anonymous said...

Have you thought about expanding this idea into an entire product line of "Bite Me" t-shirts, calendars, coffee mugs, and firearms?