Friday, March 24, 2006

For this I am surely going to hell.

Last night, I went out to eat with my friends at Wildfire. We all had delicious steaks as our entrees. Mmm. Steak. Anyway, I took home a little medallion of my "Filet Medallions, Diane Style," to savor at a later time. I figured that since my loose connection to Catholicism racks me with guilt and prevents me from eating meat on Fridays during lent, perhaps I would save it until Saturday, when I could eat it for lunch. Unfortunately, when I got midnight, I was hungry. And oh how that steak looked so good. So I pretended that it wasn't Friday because I had not yet gone to sleep. Please don't tell God.


Heidi said...

You're not going to hell. And if you are, I am too, because I've never EVER followed that rule. I'm also not Catholic, but that's a story for another day.

Also, feeling very unpopular today because I don't think anybody reads my blog. But do I really write it for anyone but myself anyway? I guess not. Well ... maybe a little ...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us the perfect information to blackmail you with. Please immediately give in to the following demands or I will tell God your dirty, meaty little secret and you will go to the land of h-e-double-hockey-sticks forthwith:
1. Immediately begin referring to your anonymous commenters as "my peanut gallery";
2. Immediately begin giving "props" to your blog fans with maximum self-aggrandizement;
3. Immediately kill one person, just to show that you will do whatever it takes to avoid descending into Hades.
Please comply with these demands within a half-hour or send a clear explanation of why these demands cannot reasonably be met within that time-frame. I anxiously await your news.

elisa said...

I love your blog, i'm sure i've told u before. . .

i don't think you'll go to hell for eating after midnight during Lent - i think you're good to go.

Besides, it might have been nasty by Saturday and THAT would have been wasteful, and isn't that a bigger sin?

Anonymous said...

Gees anonymous commentator, your comment seems very chain letter like. I like it.

Kristus, unlike the other anonymous commentator, I would prefer being referred to as coffee bean gallery or (at least peanut butter (and jelly) gallery) (with the jelly being fully optional).

Further, I merely reported you to Tom Cruise whose voice over is now being done by Isaac Hayes.