Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gettin' Real

Not to get all Dr. Phil (or his Sesame Street spoof, Dr. Feel) on you, but this business about all my clothes starting to get too tight HAS GOT TO END. Actually, I should mention that it's my FAT clothes that are getting to tight. And by fat clothes, I mean anything purchased after the million pound weight gain, and subsequent 4 pound weight loss, for a grand total of 999,996 pounds gained since getting pregnant. Since the "9 months on, 9 months off" marker has come and gone TWICE now, it seems that I'm doing something wrong (like maybe not trying very hard...or at all, for that matter). So, I have just over four months before we hit 9 months on, 9x3 months off. Four months is enough time to make a dent. So, you heard it here first. In four months, there will be less Kristi to love.


Anonymous said...

We need to start a workout room at work. Not that I work with Kristi--I am speaking anonymously, need I remind you?--but since I never leave this stinkin' place anyways the best thing would be to get a workout room here. Doesn't it always happen that you say you going to exercise and then leave so late from work that everything is closed or you're too tired? Story of my life. Think about it: most of the work here can be done from a treadmill (i.e. dripping with sweat and out of breath). Maybe not, actually. But I'm sure there's some way of exercising while working. I bet the people at Microsoft have this figured out. The whole tech-company thing about making employees' lives easier with fitness rooms, ping pong tables, and child care centers at work is a clever way to keep employees working longer hours. Too bad they didn't realize it's unnecessary when you have idiots like me that are willing to work long hours regardless. But there's no denying--we could always use a few more dumbbells at work.

Kristi said...
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Kristi said...

You're right, "Anonymous," (if that is your real name) we do need some more dumbbells at work. Especially considering that a recent check of our inventory confirms that the office dumbbell count just went from two to one.