Monday, March 13, 2006

Scared to think what could be going on inside my stomach.

Last night, Chris and I were drinking our beverages of choice out of the same type of cup. Incidentally, they were those red bumpy plastic cups that remind me of eating at Pizza Hut when I was a kid. Anyway, for a while we were both drinking Mt. Dew, but by this point, I had switched over to chocolate milk. Mmm. Chocolate milk.

My cup was sitting on the kitchen counter, next to the fridge, with about an inch of milk in it. Chris went into the darkened kitchen, saw the cup on the counter, thought it was his cup and poured Mt. Dew into it. What happened next is the part that worries me a bit. The combination started foaming like a science experiment. In the end, the concoction ended up with the chocolate milk on the bottom of the cup, separated from the Mt. Dew, which was the middle layer, with a thick foam on the top. It was really gross. Considering that I had drank the same combination of beverages, I hope my stomach doesn't explode!

In other news, while I was making breakfast this morning, Eric went into the office and turned on the TV. Then he came running back into the kitchen shouting, "Football! Football!" It turns out that Rudy was on this morning, and Eric and I caught about the last fifteen minutes of it. So, naturally, I spent those 15 minutes choked up and snivelling like a baby. It was great. And all the while, Eric was running around yelling, "Football! Touchdown! Rudy! Football!" Dear lord, I hope my heart doesn't explode too.


Anonymous said...

You should publish this piece in "Nature." I don't think anyone has ever really thought before about what happens inside your stomach when these two delicious but borderline toxic soft drinks collide. At times like this, I wish there were a "Stomach cam" bit in the late-night talk show that I call my body.

Dr. Vortex said...

That's neat. I'll have to try that chemical experiment in the comfort of my home. I only have strawberry quik (powder form) and Mt. Dew Live Wire in my home at this time; I wonder if that will have similar results...
The weirdest combolation of liquids I ever discovered was specific to Garcia's Pizza in Champaign. If you were really bored, you could pour some of your Pepsi into the the rest of your unused clear garlic butter/sauce/juice. If you gave it a couple minutes to settle, the pepsi would be enveloped by the juice and create a viscous pepsi ball! You could dump the thing on your tray and the pepsi ball would hold together. :D
freaktastic, imo.