Friday, March 10, 2006

Things that made me smile today.

4. Notice ye not the less than cleanliness of my bathtub, but rather, the little fauxhawked midget.

5. Tulips, people. TULIPS!

And hosta!

6. Take that, Cookie Monster!

7. Does anybody really know what time it is? [Editor's note: Since this caption seems to be confusing people, Eric is wearing a watch with his jammies.]


greenfish said...

Re: Asian Backstreet Boys.

So, that's what you jerkies were talking about yesterday. WTF. First of all, what's that guy doing in the beginning of the video to his nose?

Second: why are they shooting this video with their friend playing in the background? Is this some kind of a dorm situation, where the friend is like, "Okay, there's my dorky roommates, shooting music videos ... AGAIN." Where, he, as the kid playing Doom (or whatever) in the background, is actually the COOLER one? HAHAHAHA.

Third: are they REALLY wearing matching jackets? O.M.G. People will put anything on the internet.

Anonymous said...


Baby Err is the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica has a meeting after class on Monday so she would not get to us till like 8:00pm or something. She is asking if Tuesday is better. Tues may be better for me--what is your position on the matter?

Kristi said...

Tuesday is fine by me!