Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I think we were in a state of denial over having to move out of the city. Chris worked in the suburbs and faced horrendous traffic on a daily basis. I didn't work at all (you know, unless you consider caring for a newborn "work"). I didn't really drive too many places, but when I did drive, it was usually to my parents house, waaaaay out in the suburbs...of Iowa. It was at least an hour drive, if not more, to get there. It made sense to move to the suburbs, but that didn't mean we wanted to do it.

I mean, god, wouldn't that just have sent Chris right over the edge? When I met him, he lived in a studio apartment. He owned a futon, a TV and a play station. His (dorm-sized) refrigerator was home to some beer, Hawaiian punch and York peppermint patties. He either ate at work, or he ate subway. He was nocturnal. Because he tended bar for a while, he knew, like, everybody in the city. And he was always out drinking with them (when he wasn't working, of course). Then, in one fell swoop, I made him respectable.

I can remember talking to my mom on the phone one night, shortly after Chris and I got married. I was decorating the apartment for Christmas while he was at work, and I was explaining to my mom all the holiday stuff I had bought, and where I had put it all. I also told her that I busted out my vast collection of snowmen (which might be a source of maybe a small obsession for me) and had put them on the window sills. "Does Chris know about the snowmen?" she asked. "Um. I don't know. If not, he'll know soon." "Poor Chris. Last year he had a futon and a play station, and now he's got a winter wonderland. He had no idea what he was getting himself into." So true, mom, so true. forward....respectable...responsible...etc. But Chris had lived in the city for so long that he couldn't bear the thought of living elsewhere. And I had only lived in the city for a short while and wasn't ready to give it up yet. So, we kind of avoided looking for new abodes, because neither of us was truly ready to move.


Anonymous said...

My goodness,

Your story left me wanting more. I am probably reading between the lines---but does this mean that you will be moving out to the burbs soon? If yes, what type of burbs are we talking about and when is this happening? Will there be a house warming party? Will anonymous commenters be invited?

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kristi ___,

Your saga is wreaking havoc on my literary expectations. I was basically squirming in my seat awaiting the climax where you and your hubby heroically move on to another neighborhood or something, and you just ended it sans climax! What's the deal? What are you hiding? There's something fishy afoot. Are you setting us up for a part Trois?

I too am wondering whether anonymous commenters are welcome at any house warming party that might come out of this whole business. Moreover, I too look forward to hearing more and "thank" you (to use the magnanimous phrase of my esteemed colleague).