Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why it's important to have at least one friend at work:

You need someone who can tell you that your polka-dotted granny panties are totally visible through your white pants.

Yeah. That's why.


Anonymous said...

White pants? Polka dots? Once again I am forced to dole out fashion advice on the intranets!

Nude underwear doesn't show through white clothing, plain white is slightly noticeable but still acceptable. A thong would probably be best but I don't know if you are down with that kind of thing. OW! Sexy! Yeah back that thing up ...mmmmm yeah, you know how I likes my women..

la f

elisa said...

too funny, who is Mr. Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

Did you ever think that maybe your constant sexual advances might be unwelcome? No, clearly you didn't think that, because you harass women every day. Always leering and hooting and hollering. You even harass by the fancy clothes you're always wearing--it's like you're screaming out, "Look at me! I'm such a good-looking man, don't you want to look at me!" This same message is also communicated by the sign you carry around which has those words printed on it. Personally, I think you are a disgusting human being.

But yes, I am free tonight.

Anonymous Harassee