Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'b dyeeg.

Sometime around the 25th of June, I came down with a cold. I caught it from Eric who caught it from some daycare host monkey. And guess what, as we rapidly approach the beginning of the 13th of July, I still have the damn cold. Only, over the past few days it decided to stop getting better each and every day and, in fact, has taken a sharp turn for the worse. So I finally went to a doctor tonight. He visited with me for all of 12 seconds and presrcibed me amoxicillin, which he hoped would thwart the plans of the tonsils that are staging a coups against the rest of my body. We'll see. But, in the meantime, it huhts when I swawwo. :(

I really do have things I need to blog about, but right now I'm too busy not letting my head explode. And also, working. Yes, that's right folks, I'd like to write interesting things, but I'm too busy doing my part to make the law happen correctly. But mostly, it's the part about the potentially exploding head that has me scared into blogging submission.

Please, please send your get well vibes this way. I'm pitiful and whiney and my husband is getting sick of me.


Heidi said...

^^^^^Get Well^^^^^
^^^^^Get Well^^^^^
^^^^^Get Well^^^^^

How's that for Get Well vibes?? Do they look like vibes? Well, I tried anyway. :)

Feel better!!

Anonymous said...

C'mon Baby! I am not getting sick of you, I am getting sick from you!Thank you very much! I can't really blame you since we have our very own Ebola Monkey running around the house...