Friday, July 14, 2006

Items of interest.

1. Weezer announced their breakup.

2. Today at lunch, I watched a bus boy wipe down a table by pushing the large chunks of crumbs and a big blob of some kind of sauce-looking thing off the table and directly onto the seat of the booth--except some of that stuff just stuck right to the edge of the table. And then he didn't wipe down the seats or the table edge. And then people sat there.

3. I need a pair of pants that are comfortable. I mean, pants that are appropriate to wear to work on casual Friday (i.e. no pajama pants). Everybody on earth should have access to comfortable pants, but I don't. I just simply can't find a single damn pair of pants in any store that work for me. It's just not fair.

4. I had half of a plain doughnut with chocolate frosting today for breakfast. (One of the Boss-men brings in breakfast treats every Friday.) That made me very happy! I wonder if it was from Spunky Dunkers? I doubt it, but that would make me extra happy!

5. I am not looking forward to the next 5 days of forecast 90+ degree temperatures!

6. I bought these shoes: (In a different color)

I have only worn them a handful of times and they are already gross and stinky. As such, I cannot recommend them to anyone, despite their cuteness. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

7. Have a nice weekend!

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