Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Feeling Violated

The people in my office building are serious violators of what I believe is the unspoken universal bathroom code: never EVER sit in the stall directly next to an occupied stall unless that is your only option. All of the bathrooms in our building have three stalls. I always take an end stall so that, should someone else come in to the bathroom, they can leave the standard one stall buffer. But, nobody in the building ever observes this standard courtesy and it’s starting to DRIVE ME NUTS. That’s all, thank you.


Linda said...

We only have one stall. The code is to turn off the light when its unoccupied. One chick always leaves the light on and you have to tip toe in and check to see if anyone is in there.

elisa said...

Use the courtesy flush, lol. Then no one knows what you're doing and the smell vanishes immediately!

LOL at your feeling violated over that though.