Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Help for the clueless

I finally have a real desk…you know, with drawers and stuff. So…here’s the big question. What sorts of things do people fill their drawers with? I’ve been surviving with the bare minimum because my former, temporary “desk” had no drawers. I had a cup of pens, and little tiny stacking tray contraption which held things like post-its, binder clips and white out. I also have paper clips, tape, a stapler, scissors and the ever important rubber thumb (which I found yesterday and took for comic value). What other things do normal people have in their desks?


elisa said...


Heidi said...

Here's what I have:

Top right - A stack of papers that was on my desk, and I put in a drawer to get off my desk. I have no idea what the papers are.
Bottom right (large drawer) - File folders containing many things that I do not use, and about three things that I do use. Also, my purse.
Center - Extra office supplies (tape, staples, paper clips, etc.), and many little notes to myself that I thought I might need to keep. I probably didn't need to keep them.
Top left - Napkins, two forks stolen from the cafeteria, a packet of ketchup, and a bag of Cheddar & Sour Cream Baked Ruffles.
Middle left - Empty.
Bottom left - Empty.

greenfish said...

Advil. Extra stamps. Candy/chips. Pens that I am hiding from everyone else. Extra Post-it notes. Extra staples. Tape. Label rolls for my label-maker. A label-maker. Notes with important phone numbers on them. Extra paper clips. A mini swiss-army knife. Nail clippers.

Should I go on? I have more...

Anonymous said...

calculator. dust. pen (out of ink). dust. highlighters (out of ink). dust. four or five sticky pads with maybe 2 stickies or so left. more dust. an old assignment i forgot about--better close the drawer now.

On a different subject, I wish I had a comical rubber thumb like Kristi. I loved greenfish's description and tried to emulate it, but it came out depressing. A big thumbs-up to heidi's ketchup.