Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Sometimes, when I’m at work, I get an overwhelming urge to do something half-assed, because it’s a lot easier, it’s what everyone else would do, and by the time anyone figures out that it wasn’t done right in the first place, it could never be traced back to me. But I don’t give in to that urge. Maybe because I work with my mom.

That feeling reminds me of this:


Anonymous said...

How do you feel missing out on the memories?


Hi my name is crazy touchy feely lady and no matter how many times i transfer someone into your extension, i will never remember it

Anonymous said...

Crimeny, Kristi! When you gonna update??

Anonymous said...

Listen Kristus,

I need an update. Have you nothing? Have you fallen off the face of the earth? Also, why have you abandoned that awesome attorney that you work with at work---its most upsetting!

People for a Bone-Bag Free Living Unite!

Anonymous said...

Yo Krispix,

As part of the coalition of People for a Bone-Bag Free Living, I will add my voice to the growing chorus of dissidents exhorting you to please, please, PLEASE, publish the recent events of your life for us to scrutinize, criticize, and smile at. If nothing has happened in your "life," an update on your recent TV show favorites would suffice. If you haven't watched TV lately, an update on someone else's life that you know about would be nice. Relevance is immaterial. I look forward to your news.