Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wise beyond his years...

Last night, Eric and I were looking for his magnadoodle so we (I) could draw some pictures. We had been playing with it earlier, but when we went to look for it later, we couldn't find it anywhere. I looked all over the freaking house, but eventually gave up. This morning, Eric and I were in the kitchen making breakfast and Eric said, "Mommy! Look!" His magnadoodle was in Ella's highchair seat. Then he told me, "That was so silly that we looked EVERYWHERE last night, when we only needed to look right there!"

Also, I do have a daughter, even though you wouldn't know it by reading anything here. She does exist, though, fo' realz. She's adorable and feisty and so much different than Eric. She's tough and adventurous. She falls down a lot, but pops right back up and keeps going. She is not to be deterred. She doesn't say much right now (well, that's not quite true--she speaks her own language quite fluently, it's just that I don't understand most of it). She understands so much, though. She's totally cool; I'll have to share some Ella stories soon!

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