Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Are you there Blog? It's me, Kristi.

Dear Blog,

I want to apologize for being so reticent as of late, and so remiss in coming to you. But, don't you see, Blog? It's times like these that I need you most! I know, I know, if I look at the internet history tracks in the sand, I will most likely see that this is the time that you carried me. But it doesn't always feel like that. No siree. And perhaps I don't deserve it. I've been a Blog sinner. I have coveted thy neighbors Blog. I have taken the Blog's name in vain. I have also killed, but that is a different story altogether--a story for the Blog, don't you see? So, Blog, here I am apologizing to you. Asking you to keep me in your good graces. Have faith in me, Blog, and I won't let you down.
Remember, Blog is love.

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