Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A New Family Member

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce that I am the loving new owner of an iPod nano. Not only that, but it was a completely unexpected gift from my employer! How exciting!

Here's the deal:

I work at a law firm (ahem, where my mom is a partner *cough*) as a part time evening secretary. I work usually work from 4 to 7:30-ish. I have worked there since March, and I love it. It works out perfectly for us, in terms of making extra money and not needing a babysitter. Anyway, last week, I noticed the Office Administrator and her secretary in one of the conference rooms, with the door shut, but the blinds on the window open. It was after 7 and very few people were left in the office. I noticed that they had little gift bags spread out all over the table. I wondered what they were up to. I figured it was something for the upcoming holidays. I asked one of the attorneys if she knew anything about it. She said that she thought it was the holiday gift. She said that they usually give everyone a pointsetta, but this year she overheard that they were doing something different. She didn't know what--just something different. I assumed that whatever the new gift was, it would be on par with a pointsetta. So, when I got the all-staff email about the meeting at 3 pm on Monday, I contemplated skipping it and just catching up later, when I got to work at 4. Then everyone started encouraging me to come. "It's OK, you can bring the baby." So, I ended up coming to the "party" and Chris ended up getting out of work early because it's a really slow week for him.

One of the partners starts out the meeting by saying that this year was their 15-year anniversary. They never expected the firm would grow so much and that they would end up with so many exceptional employees (there are around 40 employees now, from 5 originally). They wanted to get everyone something nice to thank us for being so wonderful. So, they got everybody a 4GB iPod nano. Oh, and also a commerative silver box with the company's name on it. I thought that was really cool!

I have to admit that I don't know a great deal about iPods. I just knew that I couldn't really afford one, so I kept my distance so as not to be tempted. This one is really cool. It's teeny tiny. It is the same size as that picture, and maybe an eighth of an inch thick. It only took me four hours last night to get a few songs onto it (because I'm slow, not because it's difficult). Anyway, that's my latest excitement. I guess it's time to go write some thank-you notes.

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