Tuesday, April 11, 2006

CSN (and sometimes Y)

[I'm imagining a Saturday night live skit that is a cross between the Chris Farley Show and the Cowbell skit.]

And now, we go behind the scenes into the recording studio:

Stills: Hey guys, remember when we did that one song? Suite: Judy Blue Eyes?

Crosby: Um, sure, Stephe. We remember that.

Nash: Sure do.

Stills: That was awesome! And quit calling me Stephe.

Crosby: Sorry, Stephe.

Stills: Remember how, at the end, we did that groovy shit with all the doot-doot's? And I sang Spanish, but, nobody could understand what I was saying.

Nash: Yeah. That was great.

[Enter Neil Young on his crazy horse. They all break to get stoned. Young rides off.]

Stills: Anyway, I've been thinking. I've been working on this song. It's basically about how it's ok to get laid while we're on tour. It seems incomplete. Let me play it for you. [Plays Love the One You're With without the famed doot-doots].

Crosby: It's good, it's definitely getting there.

Nash: I think I know what you were getting at with the Suite: Judy Blue Eyes question. Love the One You're With is good, but that shit needs some doot-doots.

Crosby: Yeah. I gotta have more doot-doot.

Stills: Yeah, but where?

[He begins to play the song again. Neil Young rides up on his horse again. As the he gets nearer, the horse clomps the rhythm of the doot-doots after the second refrain. Crosby and Nash hear it and immediately know that's it. They jump in to sing the second round of doot-doots to end the song. Fade to black.]

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